What a damn year!
Over the last 9 months I was fortunate enough to learn a new language, how to code, and I got my body fat down to high school levels because of kickboxing. Also all of that is a lie. Like most people I spent it filling the hours and days by binging shows, cooking and propping up the wine producing regions. It wasnt all bad though. I did come out of it with some new skills but also much more than the usual Covid 19lbs.

That said, having you as a friend that helped me though this period, even if it was through memes and recipes meant a ton to me. There were many days when the day was brighter because I knew you wre cooking up something new and I'd get a full report soon. I hope that 2021 brings with it some nicer new normal, finally. I really wish you the best and thank you for being there for me.

Finally, fuck 2020